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Cookie Canister

Cookie Canister

Our cookies are meant to be enjoyed fresh – that’s why we make them to order and deliver them right to your doorstep.

While we can never keep Jay’s Cookies in the house for long, we understand that some of our customers have eyes that are bigger than their stomachs (have you heard about our party trays?).

To help out our sweet-toothed customers, we’ve designed a special cookie canister to make sure your leftover cookies taste just as good as they do fresh out of our oven.

These airtight, stainless-steel canisters are the perfect way to make sure your gourmet Jay’s Cookies stay fresh. Each canister holds a gallon (or about two dozen cookies) and features a logo from your favorite cookie bakery.

Buy yours today for $49.95 (plus tax) – each canister comes filled with a dozen of your favorite Jay’s Cookies.


Sign up for an annual Cookie Club membership, and receive a canister free with your first shipment.*
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